Sunday, August 3, 2014

Party Planning in Ten Easy Steps (Michelle's Birthday Surprise!)

Party Planning in ten easy steps, Hipster Housewife style. You guys ready for it?! Great! It's super easy I promise. And I'm only being slightly sarcastic when I say that. We'll break it down into a few, easy to follow steps.


Ok, step one - have an amazing, compassionate, talented, beautiful, friend whose 32 years on this spinning thing you want to celebrate with much hurrah and what not. For the sake of this instruction manual we'll call her Michelle.

This is Michelle (told you she's beautiful)

Step two - have another amazing friend (I'm blessed with these super awesome, talented women!) with whom which you'll plan the party and do things like make the sweetest invitations and most adorable favors. You'll also be making lists. Many, many, lists. You're writing hand is going to hurt.

Lovely Lindsey

Step three - call up (or group Facebook message, you know, whatevs) the incredible tribe of women you're blessed to call you're friends, and ask them all to bring something yummy. You know these women, so you know they'll pull out all the stops and bring some delish goods. Food, check.

The Tribe

Step four - make it pretty. It's all in the details people. Lots of flowers, loose color scheme (you gotta have one, but seriously, if it looks good, it doesn't have to match), and you're good to go. Put up pictures and hang garlands. Use what you have. You'd be surprised at what you already have in your house that can be repurposed as party gear.

Step 5 - enlist you're birthday girl's equally amazing sister to get her there in such a manner that it's a complete surprise. (A blindfold was involved.) Then yell SURPRISE really loud and make sure your camera is ready!


Steps 6-10 - eat cake, drink champagne (cry a little while you're toasting, it's gonna happen and it's ok), open presents, laugh, take selfies (hashtag #itsmichellesday), listen to good music, talk, hug, and just enjoy the heck out of each others company. Cuz that's what friends do.

And there you have it folks, party planning in ten easy steps, and one happy birthday girl! That's what it's all about anyway; you're decor could be non existent and your food not so great, but if there is love in the room, you're going to have an awesome party. I promise.


P.S. Photo credit goes to the lovely Lindsey of Lindsey Mae Photography (beautiful and talented). A couple of them are mine, but you can tell which ones - they just don't look as good!




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