Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Currently Obsessing

We'll call this one 'Currently Obsessing' in which I will share said current obsessions with you fine folks. Because I'm cool and I like cool stuff and you can be vicariously cool by liking the same cool stuff as me. Get it? Good.
I even made a pretty list!

I'm not trying to say I'm like some kind of fabulous trendsetter or anything (kidding! That's totally what I'm saying) but calling oneself a hipster in even the most tounge in cheek of ways indicates a certain confidence in ones coolness. Or maybe I'm just an asshole. I have not quite been able to acsertain that just yet. When I do I'll let you know, but in the meantime, I need to tell someone about all this interesting crap floating about my brain these days.

First up, currently listening to : Angel Olsen. I'm going to continue in bold because she is just that frickin amazing. I'm serious youtube that shit like right now. Here, I'll make it super easy for you.

I do have to admit one thing though. My husband found her first. Which makes him a little cooler than me, but that's okay. We're good for eachother like that.

The album is called Burn Your Fire For No Witness and Pitchfork gave it a crazy good review that says it way better than I can so click that link people! The song Enemy in particular just tears me apart in that perfectly painful way, that pain that is so beautiful because it's so fucking real. It's like (one of) the girls inside my head broke out and put music to all her unwritten poetry. I'm sorry if that makes no sense to you. Please, just listen.

The next two things on my list are colors. Because I'm random like that, bear with me. I plan on dressing pretty much exclusively in shades of white this spring. Well, white plus denim. While my hunt for the elusive perfect white tee shirt has thus far been unfruitful, I will continue my search and wear every iteration of said white shirt until I find it. I will find it, if only because that's all I'm going to wear and purchase. I'm nothing if not stubborn. Now, I'm sure some color will get thrown in there (it's going to be a big season for pastels, but I'm sure you already knew that) but I saw this one picture on Pintrest and I decided that white was it for me this spring.

Gold. I bought this amazing gold foil pen and I'm putting that shit on everything. Plus, this gold wishbone necklace the husband bought me that magically goes with everything I own. I've worn it every day since he bought it, and the only other piece of jewlery I wear every day are my wedding rings. I have quite a few baubles (what can I say I like shiny things) so that's saying quite a bit. What can you take from this? Invest in a delicate piece of 'personal' jewlery. Then you can wear it all the time and call it your signature piece. Who doesn't want a signature piece?!? That just sounds fancy.
The bullets cool too, but it's got nothing on that wishbone xx
I'm still reading The Journey of Desire . And I'm still obsessed with it. But I'm not going to review it
until I'm done (which might be a while, because I am savoring this read. Plus it requires much bible checking and investigating). All I'm going to say is, get thee to Barnes and Noble. We can be obsessed together.

Items 5 and 6 on the list can kind of all be thrown into one category, and we'll call that category creating. Or maybe art. Anyway, I can't stop buying pictures of girls with antlers. Deer girls. I have no idea what's behind this new fascination, but I've always had a thing for the wild and fae. I even have a Pintrest board, girls with antlers .

Art by Prettylittlethieves
Art by GirlandParrot
I have so many new favorites on etsy. It's crazy how many amazing artisans and crafters make their 'home' on etsy. The platform it's given my work has been insane and I've found so many like minded creatives there. Which is pretty much the definition of cool. In case you were wondering.

And that said, I've managed to work my way around to what's kind of been bothering me about my work lately. I haven't made art for the love of making art in... a while. And I feel like the stuff I'm selling in my shop, while it's definitely representative of me as a creative, I'm not sure that it's representative of me as an artist. I'm not even sure who I am as an artist actually. I can certainly make things. It's almost too easy. But I feel like I've been lacking vision. Maybe that's why I'm making lists and searching for inspiration.

I think I just need to get lost somewhere.

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