Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve! AKA the Awesome Miracle

Tonight, as we gear up for all the madness that is Christmas Eve - the family visiting, the excessive consumption, the childish glee that overcomes us all - PRESENTS!! People are going to give me stuff!!! - I want us to remember what Christmas is. 

It's an Awesome Miracle. 

The birth of Christ.

I want us to read our children the Christmas story before we tuck them in tonight. Focus their little hearts on Him, not Santa (ok, I know Santa is exciting, and I can't frickin' wait for our little ones to rip those presents open tomorrow in a state of unabashed ecstasy, but stay with me here). 

I want us to spend tomorrow feeling so blessed for our families, not for the things they give (or didn't give) us. I want us to take not a moment of it for granted, but not attempt to photograph all of them. I'm especially guilty of this, but instagram can wait. And when we get frustrated, as we surely will, I want us to remember that Awesome Miracle, thank God, and have another glass of wine.

Merry Christmas my friends!
Christine xx

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