Friday, December 27, 2013

In which I determine I need a studio, 2014 (non) resolutions, and NEW ART SUPPLIES!

Well, if that title wasn't all over the place, I don't know what is!

Part of my 'goals for the new year' (not resolutions, those are just doomed from jump) is to create a working mini studio in my home, for both my etsy shop, and my own personal art endeavors. As it stands right now, there is crap everywhere, expensive brushes mingling with Barbie and Ken next to their dream house. Washi tape and micron pens in the girls' hair accessory bin (for lack of a better term... We have a lot of barrettes in this house).

I went to my local art supply shop today and picked up a few things I needed for two custom commissions I have in the works. I spent about an hour in there even though I knew exactly what I needed. I can't help myself I'm like a junkie in a crack house (kid in a candy store, cop in a doughnut shop, you get the idea). So I have everything I need, but this disturbing disorganization is messing with my creative juices!!

Lucky for me I have an awesome brother who got me a sick ikea desk for Christmas. Unlucky for me it was back ordered. So I'm waiting on the desk, to start getting everything in better order, to start the projects. In the meantime I'm working on some etsy orders on the living room floor.

This lovely mess will eventually become one of my scripture canvases. I'm still learning this whole blogging thing, so I'd love to be able to say check it out 'here' and you could click on it and see it in the shop, but for now you get a picture. Sigh.

I'll be featuring a post soon showing some of the process behind creating these bad boys. I would love to hear what you, my lovely blog readers, would like see as far DIY posts in the future. I'm thinking of doing some hand lettering 'courses' in the upcoming weeks. If you have any ideas please leave them in the comments!

Much love and thanks!

The Hipster Housewife xx


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