Monday, December 23, 2013

Who or what exactly IS a hipster housewife?

Well, for starters, I am a hipster housewife. Looking for some hipster street cred?

1. I created and DIYed my entire wedding from scratch on my parents farm.
2. I'm a self professed 'cool Christian'.
3. I cook all of my meals from scratch. And yes, they are mostly organic (when we can afford it). HOWEVER I hate Whole Foods because I always feel so inadequate when I walk in there.
4. So what does that mean? Farmers markets!! And my mothers garden. 
5. We own chickens. 
6. I follow fashion, but only so I can studiously look like I just threw something together and it comes out fabulous. This old thing? Thrift shop, darling.
7. I am that cool mom. My seven year old owns vegan leather pants and hair chalk. 
8. I'm an artist. Why the f*ck else would I be doing this? I want to share my work.
9. I'm a writer. See above.
10. Being so cool, I want to share some of that coolness with the rest of the world, hence, The HipsterHousewife was born. But in a totally relatable, non condescending sort of way. I'm already failing at that aren't I? 
Most of my awesome church friends are hipster housewives too. Those kick ass, do it all, crafty moms, who know just the right moment to send you a heartfelt card despite the screaming toddler attached to their leg. The Hipster Housewife is a women who doesn't just embrace being a housewife, she actually makes it look cool. She could be a Christian, Muslim, Jew, or atheist. She could be any color, any race, be from any country. We aren't perfect moms, wife's, or friends. In fact, more often than not, we couldn't be further from perfect. We just like to dive head first into life and get our hands dirty. 

So here is my open invitation friends, join me on my journey as I continue to figure out what it means to be a hipster housewife. We can make some stuff, cook some stuff, attempt to figure out this whole wife and mom thing, plan the *perfect* outfits, and generally be super cool doing it. You in or what?

***UPDATE*** (edited to add)
I've received some negative feedback regarding this post, and I just have to add - it's SATIRE people! I'm halfway making fun of myself! Of course I take my life seriously, my family, my faith, and all of the eclectic craziness that comprises said life. But if we can't laugh at ourselves, then WTF can we laugh at!

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