Sunday, January 5, 2014

3 Rules for looking fab on the cheap

I really like my outfit this morning, so I had my (very patient) husband snap some pics while I paraded around in the snow on the back lawn. I think the results of this oh so professional photo shoot came out better than the last one, but I know I still look rather ridiculous. I'm having fun, who cares?

Not me, clearly.


This is the fabulous Superdry jacket the husband found at Marshall's. I knew it was coming for Christmas, but I was still so psyched opening it because it's just that fabulous.

The huge amazing blanket of a plaid scarf is an etsy score (the shop name is atohumco, out of Turkey) like most of my favorite pieces. Boyfriend jeans are Citizens of Humanity (that I scored on a Nordstrom sale rack on the way cheap), bag is DKNY (Marshall's again!), and the boots are Lucky Brand (Macy's clearance). The hat and sweater are both years old Gap and the only things I paid full price for. I love fashion, but I loathe paying fashion prices. So I hunt around for what I want. Some of the best stuff I have came from Marshall's and Tj Maxx!

It's totally possible to look the way you want to look (for me that's a combination of youthful street style meets pulled together mom meets I don't care I just want to be comfortable) without spending a stupid amount of money. You just need to really know how you want to look. If you don't have a vision to start with, however vague, you're going to buy a bunch of crap that doesn't work and waste your money in the process.


Rule number one (I didn't know I was going to be writing the rules, but this is fun people) : Know your style! Know which 'high end' labels are in sync with said style, and then find the pieces in your price range that are derivative of the pricey stuff.

Rule number two : Wait until it goes on sale. Because it always does. It's a matter of patience, and not getting caught up in the I have to have it right now because the magazine or blog or Suzy's mom said so mentality. I basically only shop sales, unless there is something I absolutely, no doubt, must have. This usually only happens when I fall into the 'but Suzy said so' trap. It happens. Always, always, buy the expensive thing on sale, as opposed to the cheap thing that was cheap to begin with. There is reason these things are more expensive and that's quality. If you buy quality it lasts for years. If you buy 'disposable clothes', you get to wear and wash them once or twice before they get trashed. All of those 'inexpensive' items you buy over and over again really start to add up!

Rule number three : Shop handmade! You get something that's one of a kind, and you get to support a real, individual, artisan. This can be expensive as well, but you're pretty much always going to spend less than you would buying brand name, big label items, especially when it comes to jewelry. I can't remember the last time I bought a piece of jewelry, for myself or as a gift, that I didn't purchase on etsy or at a local craft show. It's just somehow more authentic.


So, what do you guys think? Do you have any good tips for achieving the look you want without overspending? It's such a tricky balance you have to find, and I would appreciate any and all tips you guys might have! I'm by no means an expert, I just love clothes and hate to spend my hard earned money.

To further prove I'm not an expert, I thought I'd also share some of the more, um, interesting shots from this morning. I am such a dork.

"Babe, are you taking the pictures or what?"
A true professional at work

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  1. Love this!!! And I love your outfit!!!

  2. can't believe you got that bag at marshall's! i've been meaning to ask you about it since i saw you with on christmas. great blog! xo

    1. Thanks for the support almost sister xx every single one of my bags had come to me that way! Lol except when I was younger and HAD TO HAVE a coach bag. It's weird how trends come and go, that was like the biggest thing.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing photos !