Thursday, January 2, 2014

30 days of Hand Lettering

So I'm in the middle of putting together my studio, and I'm already in love! I had to force myself to stop what I was doing and create the second piece for my 30 days of Hand Lettering challenge. Yesterday I made the commitment (30 whole days, gulp) to the creation and sharing of one hand lettered piece per day, but said that some days I'd be lucky if that's all I'd post. Looks like today's going to be one of them days.
Yup, I'm working on my new desk!!

I (finally) got to bust out some of the new water color brushes the husband got me for Christmas. So much better than the ones I was using before, which were not cheap and still shed little brush hairs all over my paper. Not cool.

Be not afraid
I haven't done much lettering with water colors, so I'm pretty pleased with the way this one came out.
I definitely like the design and color, enough so that I think I might put it in the etsy shop after I refine it a bit. I usually sketch the design out with a pencil first anyway. I'll make one or two more until I get it just right, and then you'll see it on The Hipster Housewife!

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  1. I love this! So pretty. I have those same paints but in acrylics, they're awesome!!

    1. Thanks doll :) I love these water colors! It's crazy when you go just a step or two above the 'basic' supplies what a difference it makes in quality. But now I want the acrylics! xx